Worth Valley Gala March 2019

Our 2 six-wheelers 279 and 1507 together with Club Carriage 47 were used for the three days of the Gala between Friday 8th March and Sunday 10th March 2019. This was during the period when Bogie Brake 1474 was not available for public service and its place was taken by the VCT Chatham Brake. The set ran with a variety of locomotives, mainly shuttle services between Keighley and Ingrow, with the occasional journey through to Oxenhope.
As usual, the carriages were very popular and sales of stock in the Club Carriage raised valuable funds. See some photos below.

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Video 2018 – click here to view

WORTH VALLEY VINTAGE TRAINS 2018  Sunday 8th July, a 9-minute video from bobnweaver, featuring our carriages in first half with the 4F due to fire risk  click here

WORTH VALLEY 50th ANNIVERSARY GALA Thursday 28th June 2018 – all our carriages were very popular on round trips between Oxenhope and Keighley with the Coal Tank.  There are 2 Youtube videos of note, first from British Railway Productions, starting at 9 minutes of 22  click here, the other from ‘preservedrailway’ starting at 18 and 28 minutes of 36  click here

WORTH VALLEY MARCH 2018 GALA – Youtube 15 minute video taken March 9th by ACW71000, our carriages at 12 minutes, click here Youtube 12 minute video taken March 9th by steamdriver12, our carriages at 7 minutes at Haworth on last trip, click here

WORTH VALLEY ROYAL SPECIAL February 2018 – our First Class carriage 279 featured in a special which took the Duchess of Cornwall from Haworth to Oxenhope in Friday 16 February – a short film on Flickr from Trevor Gower is no longer available, we are searching for an alternative