1474 bogie 5 compartment Brake Third

CURRENT STATUS – currently unavailable for service due to required repairs to chassis, 1474 may be on display in Oxenhope Exhibition Shed at Worth Valley Railway but whilst repairs are in progress may well be in areas which has no public access.
July 2020 – following a good response to fundraising for work on suspension, a set of 16 replacement coil springs and associated fittings have now been fitted and it is expected that 1474 will feature in Vintage Trains services when other work on the chassis is completed.

LYR 1474 Hughes taper-end Brake Third built 1910 at Newton Heath works, bogie brake third with 5 passenger compartments as well as a Guard and luggage compartment.

Purchased by the L&Y Saddletanks Fund in 1965 from departmental service at Guide Bridge in Manchester (as seen here).  Used initially on Leeds, Bradford, Liverpool express trains, several lasted into British Railways days in passenger service but this, the last one, had been downgraded to a ‘Mess Van’.

Following initial conservation 1474 was used as volunteer accomodation at Haworth, becoming known as the ‘Horwich Hilton’.  After the Worth Valley acquired withdrawn sleeping cars, 1474 was relocated to Oxenhope shed in the early 1970s and restoration commenced, being finally completed in May 1993 seen here on its first day of service.

Since 1993 many ‘finishing touches’ have been applied, although after years of service some maintenance is expected.  Luggage racks have been assembled from brackets specially cast, fitted with woven wire panels and wooden poles with replica end fastenings into the side panels. The end fastenings were manufactured from originals found in an L&Y coach body in Scotland which had been use as a hen house after being sold from the works at Inverurie. 

In addition a full body repaint has been completed using the correct shades of colour and the style of ‘decals’ as used on 1507, 47 and 279.   These can be seen on the photo below from a Steam Gala in 2012 supplied by and copyright of Andrew Naylor.

1474 had no electrical or heating systems when acquired, an electric lighting system was installed in the 1980’s powered by static batteries which required charging before use, an alternator has been installed for battery charging, based on the design used on Club Carriage 47.
The heating system has since been reinstated and is now fully operational and by all accounts very efficient. In 2018 and 2019 a major project has seen most of the brake system ‘rigging’ replaced with new components and mechanical work carried out on the bogies and suspension to ensure that 1474 meets current safety standards at its advanced age.
Starting in 2019, further work is in progress to upgrade the ‘secondary’ suspension system which is a set of 16 coil springs on the bogies.