Video 2018 – click here to view

WORTH VALLEY VINTAGE TRAINS 2018  Sunday 8th July, a 9-minute video from bobnweaver, featuring our carriages in first half with the 4F due to fire risk  click here

WORTH VALLEY 50th ANNIVERSARY GALA Thursday 28th June 2018 – all our carriages were very popular on round trips between Oxenhope and Keighley with the Coal Tank.  There are 2 Youtube videos of note, first from British Railway Productions, starting at 9 minutes of 22  click here, the other from ‘preservedrailway’ starting at 18 and 28 minutes of 36  click here

WORTH VALLEY MARCH 2018 GALA – Youtube 15 minute video taken March 9th by ACW71000, our carriages at 12 minutes, click here Youtube 12 minute video taken March 9th by steamdriver12, our carriages at 7 minutes at Haworth on last trip, click here

WORTH VALLEY ROYAL SPECIAL February 2018 – our First Class carriage 279 featured in a special which took the Duchess of Cornwall from Haworth to Oxenhope in Friday 16 February – a short film on Flickr from Trevor Gower is no longer available, we are searching for an alternative