19 0-4-0 Saddletank

CURRENT STATUS – cosmetically restored and until early 2020 wason display at Ribble Steam Railway, Preston. Some interest has been expressed in restoration of this locomotive, the Trust would like to hear from anyone interested in sponsoring this project (fully or partially). There are plans to arrange a professional examination and report on the boiler during 2020.  
January 2020 – 19 has been temporarily relocated to the East Lancashire Railway at Bury to be in company with our Saddletank 752. 19 has been temporarily repainted into British Railways livery to be in line with 752 which has been repainted as 51456. Both never carried the livery of course.
July 2020 – assessment of the condition of 19 is under way with a view to undertaking a restoration project.

Built in 1910 at the L&Y Horwich works, 19 was one of the class of ‘Pug’ locomotives weighing just over 21 tons and a short wheelbase, they were the ideal choice for shunting duties on docksides and yards where they could easily negotiate tight radius curved track.

19 later became LMS number 11243 and was sold in 1931 to John Mowlem for use on a major contract at Southampton Docks where she was named ‘Bassett’.  
Four years later the locomotive was moved to London, re-named ‘Prince’ and operated at the Charlton works of United Glass Bottle Manufacturers Ltd as seen in this photo kindly supplied by Gerald T. Robinson.

Acquired in 1967 following 36 years of industrial service after sale by the LMS as 11243.  A trial steaming at Haworth showed that extensive work was required, so 19 became at static exhibit, first at Oxenhope and subsequently at ‘Steamport Southport’, the former L&Y shed, where a final steam event took place in February 1998 featuring 19 repainted as local 51231 and our 51218 in steam.

When that organisation relocated to the Ribble Steam Railway at Preston, 19 also relocated and until early 2020 was on public display there, restored to exhibition condition. 19 has since temporarily relocated to the East Lancashire Railway at Bury for their March 2020 Gala for display alongside relaunched 752, and is now not usually on public display.   

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