• First 279 in a Royal Train for Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall in February 2018. Photo from Robin Lush

The Trust owns a unique collection of steam locomotives and carriages previously owned by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway.  In 1964 a group of railway enthusiasts in Rochdale formed the L&Y Saddletanks Fund and within 10 years acquired 3 locomotives and a carriage.  In 1987 the ‘Fund’ changed its identity to the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Preservation Society and started negotiations to form a Charity to secure the collection.  The Charity Commission gave their approval in 1991 for the operation of charity Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Trust, Registration Number 1002627.
In 2014 the Trust being one of the first charities to convert to a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO) with Registration Number now 1157071.  When the CIO conversion was completed the remaining assets of the Preservation Society were transferred to the CIO.

The Trust is authorised to participate in Gift Aid schemes approved by HM Revenue & Customs. 

During the 1990’s the collection has been enhanced by acquisition of three more carriages and the Trust also appoints one of the Trustees of the Bowers 957 Trust, the Registered Charity which owns the ex-L&YR locomotive 957 based on the Worth Valley Railway, well known as the ‘Green Dragon’ in the 1970 film version of ‘The Railway Children’, with restoration to steam completed during 2021 with the Railway Children green livery reapplied temporarily, since repainted black as British Railways 52044 as it was withdrawn in 1959. 

Carriages from the collection have often run with 957 when in service, creating a unique opportunity to travel on an L&Y train.

You can make a BIG difference to what you see pictured on this site.  The fact that what you see still exists, and whether yet restored or not, is testimony to the quality of L&Y workmanship.  This quality is the guiding principle for those involved in restoration and conservation.  Such quality consumes two resources: time and money.  You can make a difference by providing either or both.  If you’re skilled in engineering or carpentry, or are simply competent at DIY, we can use you! If you can’t help physically you can still make a difference – anything you can afford to donate will provide quality materials. 

All monies received from UK taxpayers can be enhanced under the Gift Aid Scheme. If you pay UK Income Tax and are able to assist financially, please complete the membership/donation form and send it to us – for every pound you donate we can recover 25p at no cost to you!   

Whilst the name L&Y disappeared in its own right in 1922 its influence on railway design and operations persists today.  You can ensure that this influence continues.