The Trust owns a unique collection of 3 steam locomotives and 4 carriages previously owned by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway.

In the first 10 years following formation were acquired the 3 locomotives, each being restored to steam with varying levels of success.

Initially one carriage was acquired in 1965, of which a prolonged restoration was completed in 1993 and is has been at the works of the East Lancashire Railway since late 2020 (as seen above) for major repairs after 27 years of service on the Worth Valley Railway.

During the 1990’s 3 more carriages were acquired, all having been grounded bodies, 2 previously being built into bungalows and the other a sports pavilion.  The Trust was able to acquire suitable chassis for the carriage bodies and restoration of the 3 to public service was completed between 2005 and 2017.

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