Video 2021 – click here to view

Our carriages in use on Worth Valley Vintage Trains

16 minutes from Chris King Heritage Railway’s also featuring newly-restored 957 and our carriages on the Vintage Trains services – click here

8 minutes from SAYFILMPRODUCTIONS on 28th August that features newly-restored and our carriage on the Vintage Train services – click here

12 minutes from preservedrailway is one of a number that feature newly-restored Ironclad 957 double-heading the Vintage Train service with 4F 43924 and at other places – click here

7 minutes from Chris King Heritage Railway’s on 22nd August featuring our carriages with loco 41241 on what seemed to be a fairly dull day – click here

14 minutes from TheSoutherner on 14th August featuring our carriages with 61-year old EE Type 1 diesel D8031 and Midland 4F 43924 – click here

10 minutes from Chris King Heritage Railway’s on 8th August featuring our carriages with loco 41241 – click here

20 minutes from Yorkshire Mal’s Trains on 31st July which includes interior film of Club Carriage 47- click here

17 minutes from Chris King Heritage Railway’s featuring our carriages with loco 41241 throughout on 24th July, shame it was a dull day – click here

A very short clip from carribob1992 showing our carriages leaving Ingrow for Keighley on 24th July – click here

752 on first public use of the year on East Lancashire Railway from July 2021

4 minutes on 22nd August at Townsend Fold from preservedrailway – click here

4 short clips on 22nd August showing 752/51456 at stations of Heywood, Bury and Rawtenstall from Tom Moreton click here click here click here click here

6 minutes on 11th July from A.R.Productions – click here

A very short clip from Just Code showing 752/51456 leaving Ramsbottom – click here

16 minutes taken 4th July by ‘third engineer’ covering 752/51456 from 10 minutes in – click here

Worth Valley’s services relaunched from 17th April 2021

1st May from Railview, 13 minutes, features our 6-wheelers at various points – click here

3rd May from Chris King Heritage Railway’s, 4 minutes, features 78022 with our 6-wheelers –click here

9th May from Chris King Heritage Railway’s, 6 minutes, features 78022 with our 6-wheelers –click here

Both6-wheelers 1507 in use on ‘Mince Pie Specials’ January 2021

1st January from Nigel K Thomas, 33 minutes, covers his train journey from Cottingley and a walk along the footpaths of the Worth Valley with film of 78022 and our 6-wheelers at various points – click here

Video 2020 – click here to view

Our 6-wheeler 1507 in use on ‘Elf Express’ (Santa) trains

5th December launch day from Steaming Around Yorkshire – click here

Worth Valley’s services relaunched from 23rd August 2020

The last use of Bogie Brake 1474 on September 26th before moving to the ELR for repairs in this from Train boy 321, the last minute of 3 – click here

17 minutes from Pennysteam (Ken Baker) featuring our 3 carriages at various points – click here

The Southerner 7 minutes featuring our compartment carriages – click here

Chris King Heritage Railway’s 9 minutes featuring our carriages – click here

Our loco 752 running public services on East Lancs Railway 15th/16th August

A video taken from a drone with sound on 16th from LMS Videos – click here

East Lancs Railway Spring Gala with 752 as 51456 and 19 as 51241 6th to 8th March
preservedrailway 51456 and 51241 8 minutes – click here
Phil Clarke 51456 at various points 33 minutes – click here
David Cattell 51456 at various points 12 minutes – click here
Dave’s Transport Videos 51456 at various points 15 minutes – click here

ELR Footplate Experience days 16th and 17th March, none found for passenger stock working on 16th but short one of 3 minutes found for goods stock working on 17th from Richard Harnetty – click here

Worth Valley Spring Gala 6th to 8th March, featuring our Club Carriage:

JamesandPeter at Keighley and south of Haworth 15 minutes on 6/3 – click here

Chris King Heritage Railway’s at various points 16 minutes on 6/3 –click here

Steaming Wales at various points 9 minutes on 6/3 – click here

bobnweaver most at start of video 11 minutes believe on 6/3 – click here

44668Rail at various points on 8/3 – click here

mollsmyre at various points during weekend 16 minutes – click here

Bluebell-Railway Hawks at various during weekend 26 minutes – click here

3P20 Photo Charter with 752 as 51456 on East Lancs Railway on 26/02/2020

SAYFILMPRODUCTIONS 4 minutes – click here
Stuart Chapman 6 minutes – click here

preservedrailway 9 minutes and 11 minutes – click here and click here

atlanticstu 19 minutes – click here

752 as 51456 departing Ramsbottom with the members special on 22/02/20 – click here

752 as 51456 taking a Saloon to Heywood on 30/01/20 by preservedrailway – click here

Two videos of 752 double heading with Hunslet 2890 on 25/01/20 – click here and click here

A short video of 752 (51456) on test by John Norris on 23/01/20 – click here

Video 2019 – click here to view


A short video filmed for Youtube by atlanticstu in October and December shows 752 being prepared for steam tests click here

MARCH 2019 GALA despite the bad weather over 8th. 9th and 10th March some interesting videos have been found on Youtube as below:         

31 minutes by The Mart Ban, our carriages feature at the start, 5, 23 and 27 minutes click here                                                                      

SAYFILMPRODUCTIONS 4 minute trailer features our carriages at 1 minute 40 seconds click here                                                  

7 minutes by preserved railway featured our carriages at 2 and 4 minutes
click here                                                          

2 minutes by Joshua Dickinson show the weather problem as our carriages leave Keighley click here

VINTAGE TRAINS SUNDAYS enjoyed generally good weather and our 3 carriages were very popular

7th July bobnweaver second half of 9 minutes click here

14th July Chris King Heritage Railway’s  throughout 20 minutes click here

Video 2018 – click here to view

WORTH VALLEY VINTAGE TRAINS 2018  Sunday 8th July, a 9-minute video from bobnweaver, featuring our carriages in first half with the 4F due to fire risk  click here

WORTH VALLEY 50th ANNIVERSARY GALA Thursday 28th June 2018 – all our carriages were very popular on round trips between Oxenhope and Keighley with the Coal Tank.  There are 2 Youtube videos of note, first from British Railway Productions, starting at 9 minutes of 22  click here, the other from ‘preservedrailway’ starting at 18 and 28 minutes of 36  click here

WORTH VALLEY MARCH 2018 GALA – Youtube 15 minute video taken March 9th by ACW71000, our carriages at 12 minutes, click here Youtube 12 minute video taken March 9th by steamdriver12, our carriages at 7 minutes at Haworth on last trip, click here

WORTH VALLEY ROYAL SPECIAL February 2018 – our First Class carriage 279 featured in a special which took the Duchess of Cornwall from Haworth to Oxenhope in Friday 16 February – a short film on Flickr from Trevor Gower is no longer available, we are searching for an alternative

Video 2017 – click here to view

WORTH VALLEY Vintage Trains June 25th 2017 – Trevor Gower had posted 5 short movie clips on Flickr but they appear to have been removed, we are hoping to find an alternative

279 LAUNCH – Members and donors special June 21st, Peter Yewdall filmed a departure through from Keighley in 3 parts until Oxenhope straight, see them on Youtube click here,  click here,  click here

WORTH VALLEY GALA March 2017 – videos on Youtube from TheDoodyman, 25 minutes with our carriages at start, also at 19 and 22 mins click here  Also steamonthe web, 7 minutes with carriages at a couple of points click here  and British Steam Footage, 3 minutes click here . Very good footage showing how the Crab nickname came about, 15 minutes from profatkwvr with our carriages at start and 5 minutes click here , but rest worth watching.   Even more from 82A Studios, 16 minutes, watch first half then right at end click here , keith platt, 8 minutes, watch first half click here, and Chris King Heritage Railway’s, 11 minutes with our carriages at various points click here

Video 2016 – click here to view

AUTUMN STEAM SPECTACULAR 2016 – two videos on Youtube from Christopher King. click here features our carriages at 11mins 30, click here features them at 7mins 30

Vintage Trains 2016 – one video has been uploaded to Youtube from June 5, it is 21 minutes from DansRailVideos – click here

Now from July 3, just short of 5 minutes from SAYFILMPRODUCTIONS – click here

Thirteen years after filming, Mike Wilcock has published on YOUTUBE his video of a visit to the ELR in early 2003, this includes 752 in the yard at just after 1 minute and 1300 after 7 minutes, the other 30 minutes features a trip on the line, click here

Video 2015 – click here to view

Vintage Trains 2015 – Ken Baker as pennysteam has published a Youtube video in short and long versions, click here for 6 minute version, click here for 33 minute version
The Flying Choo Choo has published a 6 minute video  click here

Railway Children Weekend May 2015click here for a 10 minute Youtube video by mollsmyre

2015 Winter Gala – the number of Youtube videos available from Worth Valley Galas is getting larger by each event, here are a selection featuring our carriage 47 at various points:-
· allan5919, 3.5 minutes from Allan McKever   click here
· steamontheweb, 11 minutes featuring 47 from 8 minutes in  click here