Death of Jim Hindle – funeral details

Our member Jim Hindle died unexpectedly on 27th July whilst recovering from hospital treatment.

The funeral – here is a message from the family –

His Funeral Service is at 10:45am Monday 16th August at All Saints Church, Padiham Road, Burnley, BB12 6PB – followed by short Cremation Service at Accrington Crematorium, Burnley Road, Accrington BB5 6HA . Family Flowers only please. Rather than having a gathering afterwards, in Memory of Jim please donate a moment of your time to help others and remember Jim kindly. Thank you.
Please note that anyone wishing to come to the funeral should avoid coming through Padiham as the road is closed for building work. Arriving East or west on the M65 it might be easiest to come off at Junction 10 and follow signs to Padiham. If travelling in from Colne once off the motorway, you have to take a left, go fully round the first roundabout then it’s the second exit on the second roundabout. If coming from Preston it would be the second exit on the first roundabout. The church on the right is opposite the George IV Pub on the left by the traffic lights. Please note the church has street parking only. The nearest railway station is Rose Grove. Please allow yourself approximately 20 / 30 minutes to walk to the church.

For many years his lifetime of engineering knowledge and experience has been invaluable to the success of the Trust’s projects, as well as to the Worth Valley Railway.
Fortunately he was always keen to encourage others and pass on his knowledge under his guidance and supervision, the photo shows an example where Dan Winters was involved in making replacement brake rigging for Bogie Brake 1474 under Jim’s guidance.

A wreath was carried on the Worth Valley Vintage Train loco on 31st July (see photo above) and on 752/51456 on the East Lancashire Railway service on 1st August.

Latest ON TRUST issued

Issue number 36 for Spring/Summer 2021 has now been posted to members and supporters, with the usual mix of news and articles. Also included are fundraising appeal documents for our current restoration projects on Bogie Brake 1474 and Pug Saddletank 19

Issue No.36 – Spring/Summer 2021

  • Pug 19 restoration
  • Brake 3rd 1474 restoration
  • Horwich Narrow Gauge
  • Pug L&Y 310/51206
  • A postcard from Brussels
  • LYR 752 launch
  • 52089 mystery location
  • L&Y locomotives in 1922
  • New L&YR injector sponsored
  • Deaths of Gordon Walker and Dr. John Raines

Front Cover: L&YR 19 and 752 at Bury, keeping warm at night – John Sagar

Back cover: Pug 51218 on Healey Dell Viaduct

Video 2021 – click here to view

Our carriages in use on Worth Valley Vintage Trains

16 minutes from Chris King Heritage Railway’s also featuring newly-restored 957 and our carriages on the Vintage Trains services – click here

8 minutes from SAYFILMPRODUCTIONS on 28th August that features newly-restored and our carriage on the Vintage Train services – click here

12 minutes from preservedrailway is one of a number that feature newly-restored Ironclad 957 double-heading the Vintage Train service with 4F 43924 and at other places – click here

7 minutes from Chris King Heritage Railway’s on 22nd August featuring our carriages with loco 41241 on what seemed to be a fairly dull day – click here

14 minutes from TheSoutherner on 14th August featuring our carriages with 61-year old EE Type 1 diesel D8031 and Midland 4F 43924 – click here

10 minutes from Chris King Heritage Railway’s on 8th August featuring our carriages with loco 41241 – click here

20 minutes from Yorkshire Mal’s Trains on 31st July which includes interior film of Club Carriage 47- click here

17 minutes from Chris King Heritage Railway’s featuring our carriages with loco 41241 throughout on 24th July, shame it was a dull day – click here

A very short clip from carribob1992 showing our carriages leaving Ingrow for Keighley on 24th July – click here

752 on first public use of the year on East Lancashire Railway from July 2021

4 minutes on 22nd August at Townsend Fold from preservedrailway – click here

4 short clips on 22nd August showing 752/51456 at stations of Heywood, Bury and Rawtenstall from Tom Moreton click here click here click here click here

6 minutes on 11th July from A.R.Productions – click here

A very short clip from Just Code showing 752/51456 leaving Ramsbottom – click here

16 minutes taken 4th July by ‘third engineer’ covering 752/51456 from 10 minutes in – click here

Worth Valley’s services relaunched from 17th April 2021

1st May from Railview, 13 minutes, features our 6-wheelers at various points – click here

3rd May from Chris King Heritage Railway’s, 4 minutes, features 78022 with our 6-wheelers –click here

9th May from Chris King Heritage Railway’s, 6 minutes, features 78022 with our 6-wheelers –click here

Both6-wheelers 1507 in use on ‘Mince Pie Specials’ January 2021

1st January from Nigel K Thomas, 33 minutes, covers his train journey from Cottingley and a walk along the footpaths of the Worth Valley with film of 78022 and our 6-wheelers at various points – click here

FUNDRAISING APPEAL – updated June 2021


Firstly, our Bogie Brake Third carriage 1474 based at the Worth Valley was examined for potentially more extensive use.  It was found that significant repairs to the bogies and body side bearers were necessary.    Unfortunately the Worth Valley carriage workshops do not have the facilities to carry out the work, so we have arranged for the work to be carried out commercially by the East Lancashire Railway at their Bury workshops.

Secondly, following very encouraging results of Non Destructive Testing of the boiler of Pug Saddletank 19 the trustees have decided to progress the restoration of the loco to steam under a contract at the East Lancashire Railway. This followed further evaluation and showed that the overall condition was better than thought. 

WHAT WILL BE THE COSTS? – updated June 2021

Bogie Brake 1474 – work was carried out with costs met from reserves and previous donations, with the assistance of the East Lancs Railway we have been able to draw up a list of work to which you are invited to donate, which can be found here

Pug Saddletank 19 – following initial stripping and investigation work, again with costs met from reserves and previous donations, we have been able to draw up a list of work to which you are invited to donate, which can be found here


Each appeal document details how donations can be made by cheque through the post, you will also see on the right hand side of each web page that we accept donations via PayPal and Virgin Money Giving, also we accept payments directly into the Trust Bank Account.  The Trust can also enhance your donation by claiming Gift Aid.

Further detail on making donations can be found here by viewing our membership/donation form.


Updated 31st August 2021

Each weekend in August the Worth Valley ran Vintage Trains each Saturday and Sunday.
This included the 3 days of the Bank Holiday weekend (28th/29th/30th August) as part of Railway Children Celebrations, which are expected to feature the restored L&YR 0-6-0 ‘Ironclad’ 957 in steam.
These trains featured our 6-wheel carriages and the Club Carriage.

Photos and Youtube videos of the stock in use on previous weekends can be found elsewhere on the site.

752 on ELR public services 2021


(Updated 30th September 2021 – running dates further changed)
East Lancashire Railway have advised that 752 (still running as BR 51456) is scheduled to run public services on selected Sundays between July and November 2021, operating the steam service of their ‘Blue’ timetable, at the time of writing 752 in planned to take over the steam service from the 11:55 departure from Bury Bolton Street, running the rest of the service to finish at Bolton Street at 17:03.

Due to problems being experienced with the vacuum brake system the running on Sundays in September was not possible.
Remaining dates are: – October 24th; November 7th, 21st, but note that 752 is expected to feature in the ELR Steam Gala on 16th and 17th October, details here
Full details of the timetables and fares for the Sunday workings can be found on the ELR website here

The photo above has been supplied by and is copyright of ‘Andrew’ from flickr, showing 752/51456 with steam to spare from the safety valves heading up from Burrs in heavy rain on July 4th 2021 – the rain can be seen by viewing the photo on flickr here and clicking on the photo to enlarge it.

These Sundays are the first public use of 752 since it came to the rescue on East Lancashire Railway services between Bury and Rawtenstall on the weekend of 15th & 16th August 2020, there is a Youtube video from LMS VIDEO’S of the August 2020 use taken from a drone which covers some of the journey. This can be found here and opens in a new window.

Issue No.35 – Winter 2020

  • Pug 19, an illustrated history 1910—2020
  • Brake 3rd 1474, a big lift and back in traffic
  • Recent News and Events
  • 752 at Rainhill
  • Letters to the Editor
  • The Rochdale—Bacup branch. Ian G Holt
  • The Heap Bridge branch
  • Pug Tour to Chadderton

Front Cover: 752 as 51456 running a public service in August 2020 on the East Lancashire Railway

Back cover: 1474 arrival at Bury.  Photo Callum Porter
Steam testing 752 as 51456 with 1474 after repairs.  Photo Keith Savory

Coronavirus Lockdown and restart of operation

Updated 25th July

With the publication of plans for a staged end to the early 2021 lockdown, preserved railways were able to restart public services from mid-April onwards, although proposed end dates for lifting of restrictions were expected to be put back, including the final stage from 21st June, although .
most relaxations took effect from 19th July.
The Worth Valley restarted services from 17th April, following the pattern used in 2020 of passengers booking in advance to travel in a private compartment booked in advance only, our 6-wheel carriages were in use on some services until mid-May, then will be used on some Vintage Trains Weekends in July and August, see more details here.

The East Lancashire Railway restarted services from 1st May, more details of the full service and events can be seen here.
Our Saddletank 752 (still posing as BR 51456) will be used on services on a number of Sundays at the East Lancashire Railway, see our separate post here (opens in new window).

Work on our Bogie Brake 1474 at East Lancashire Railway is still in progress (see other Latest News) and the whole project should be complete and ready for return to the Worth Valley, hopefully by late summer.

Restoration work on our Pug 19 at East Lancashire Railway also in progress following very encouraging results of the detailed examination of the boiler, so the trustees decided to arrange a contract for restoration to steam.

For the latest information from each railway you can check on the web:
Worth Valley here East Lancashire Railway here

Pug 19 restoration in progress

Updated 30th September 2021
Following dismantling at the East Lancashire Railway and Non Destructive Testing of the boiler, the trustees have decided to proceed with a restoration to steam under a contract.

The work involves a reasonable amount of work on the boiler, with many ‘industrial’ fittings applied during 30 years of private industry use needing replacement, and systems such as vacuum braking equipment will need to be fitted.

We ae actively seeking funds to meet the costs, following detailed examination and dismantling it’s been possible to draw up a list of work expected to complete the project.

It was hoped that the restoration would be complete by the end of 2021, but now likely to be early in 2022 following detailed investigation of the saddletank indicating that a new tank will need to be constructed.
Donations are welcome towards the costs of the project, which can be found here

Further details and photos of the work in progress can be seen in our page under OUR COLLECTION for Pug 19 here