NEW – 752 on hire to the Spa Valley Railway in Kent

On hire to the Spa Valley Railway in Kent
752 has ventured outside Lancashire and Yorkshire for the first time ever by making a road journey to the Spa Valley Railway in Royal Tunbridge Wells for a period of hire as 51456, starting with their ‘Winter Steam Up’ on 8th and 9th January 2022.

Above is a photo from Steve Lee leaving Groombridge station on 8th January.
There is a Youtube video in typical Lancashire wet weather leaving Eridge station, shared with Southern Railway trains, click here (opens in new window)

There is a webcam at Groombridge on the Spa Valley Railway where you will be able to view 51456 in action, here is a link (opens in new window)

The loco will be staying there on hire until its return back north sometime in February.
More details can be found on their website here or by contacting the Trust by email to

New Years Day on the East Lancashire Railway
752 was in use on the East Lancashire Railway on New Years Day 2022 double-heading with Andy Booth’s ‘A Class’ 52322.
This was to mark the actual centenary of the merger of the L&YR with the L&NWR in 1922.
There are videos on Youtube covering the event, first a short action shot of the pair in action on the day from SAYFILMPRODUCTIONS, to watch this click here, the second from Sarah Bell showing the pair working through Ramsbottom, to watch this click here.

Centenary of merger of L&YR and L&NWR in January 1922

On 1st January 1922, the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway company merged with the London & North Western Railway, one year before the ‘grouping’ to form 4 large companies.

Whilst various events to celebrate the merger are in the planning stage, our Trust is celebrating the actual day by running our L&YR Saddletank 752 on public services of the East Lancashire Railway with another L&YR loco, an ‘A’ class tender loco, on 1st January 2022.

Other events planned include galas in the Spring of 2022.


From late November through to Christmas Eve one of our carriages will feature in these services running the full line service every Saturday and Sunday plus 22nd, 23rd and 24th December.
However you won’t be able to travel on these services as they require advance booking and are all fully booked.

It was intended that our Bogie Brake 1474 would have returned from repairs to be available for these services, but there has been a last minute delay in the supply of replacement parts so Third Class 6-wheel 1507 is running initially as it did in 2020, as in the photo above taken 5th December 2020, copyright of Andrew Southwell

FUNDRAISING APPEAL – updated June 2021


Firstly, our Bogie Brake Third carriage 1474 based at the Worth Valley was examined for potentially more extensive use.  It was found that significant repairs to the bogies and body side bearers were necessary.    Unfortunately the Worth Valley carriage workshops do not have the facilities to carry out the work, so we have arranged for the work to be carried out commercially by the East Lancashire Railway at their Bury workshops.

Secondly, following very encouraging results of Non Destructive Testing of the boiler of Pug Saddletank 19 the trustees have decided to progress the restoration of the loco to steam under a contract at the East Lancashire Railway. This followed further evaluation and showed that the overall condition was better than thought. 

WHAT WILL BE THE COSTS? – updated June 2021

Bogie Brake 1474 – work was carried out with costs met from reserves and previous donations, with the assistance of the East Lancs Railway we have been able to draw up a list of work to which you are invited to donate, which can be found here

Pug Saddletank 19 – following initial stripping and investigation work, again with costs met from reserves and previous donations, we have been able to draw up a list of work to which you are invited to donate, which can be found here


Each appeal document details how donations can be made by cheque through the post, you will also see on the right hand side of each web page that we accept donations via PayPal and Virgin Money Giving, also we accept payments directly into the Trust Bank Account.  The Trust can also enhance your donation by claiming Gift Aid.

Further detail on making donations can be found here by viewing our membership/donation form.

Pug 19 restoration in progress

Updated 30th November 2021
Following dismantling at the East Lancashire Railway and Non Destructive Testing of the boiler, the trustees have decided to proceed with a restoration to steam under a contract.

The work involves a reasonable amount of work on the boiler, with many ‘industrial’ fittings applied during 30 years of private industry use needing replacement, and systems such as vacuum braking equipment will need to be fitted.

We ae actively seeking funds to meet the costs, following detailed examination and dismantling it’s been possible to draw up a list of work expected to complete the project.

It was hoped that the restoration would be complete by the end of 2021, but now likely to be early in 2022 following detailed investigation of the saddletank indicating that a new tank will need to be constructed.
Donations are welcome towards the costs of the project, which can be found here

Further details and photos of the work in progress can be seen in our page under OUR COLLECTION for Pug 19 here

Brake 1474 – mechanical work

Bogie Brake 1474 has been the subject of investigation and repairs to the bogie springing during 2019 and 2020. The main issue was that 1474 rolled quite a bit when in use, probably indicating that there was weakness in the suspension almost certainly due to its age.
This had prevented its use in most service trains, although the Worth Valley agreed that it could be used for a filming contract in 2019 and permission was given for its use and on their initial post-COVID-19 services in August and September 2020.
The bogie suspension consists of primary and secondary (or auxiliary) components. The primary suspension comprises large coil springs located in the central bolster, the secondary being the leaf springs located over each axlebox together with a pair of auxiliary coil springs located at the outer end of each leaf spring.
The coil springs and tie bars on the bogies were replaced by August 2020, which showed a marked improvement, the the Worth Valley Direct of Engineering arranged for the chassis and body to be lifted from the bogies and it was found that further mechanical work was required on the bogies and their mountings connecting to the chassis and body.
After extensive research and investigation, the trustees decided to arrange restoration under a contract with the East Lancashire Railway at Bury, to which the carriage was taken by road in October 2020.

November 2021 – the reassembly of second bogie with brake linkages has taken longer than expected and it was hoped to have the carriage returned to the Worth Valley for the planned use in their ‘Elfmas’ Christmas services from late November, but this has not proved possible, it’s place being taken by Third 6-wheel 1507 as used in 2020.

September 2021 – restoration of the second bogie is now complete and it is hoped that shortly it will be refitted to the carriage and all the brake linkages set up ready for test runs in October before return to the Worth Valley for the planned use in their ‘Elfmas’ Christmas services from late November .

June 2021 – with the bulk of work on one of the bogies complete, we have been able to draw up a list of the work required together with expected costings. The cost of work so far has been met from Trust reserves and previous donations, donations towards the work would be welcomed, the list of work can be found here

February and March 2021 – extensive restoration and repair (together with parts replacement) is well advanced on one of the bogies, with the wheelsets seeing extensive restoration work for further service as well as replacement of the bolster springs and other components.

January 2021 – removal of parts for assessment has now started, with the brake end bogie removed, so far it has been established that the large bolster springs will need replacement, current work is being concentrated on the wheelsets and detailed examination of the other components making up the bogie.

November 2020 – 1474 is in the East Lancashire Railway workshops and initial evaluation of the work has progressed, but further work has been delayed by requirements for work on their operational carriages to be used in their forthcoming Santa services.

October 2020 has seen 1474 being taken by road to the East Lancashire Railway workshops at Bury to have extensive repairs to the bogies and body mountings following the recent detailed examination at the Worth Valley. Their workshops are not suitable to carry out the work mainly due to the need to keep the body separate from the bogies but for reassembly to take place as necessary at various times during the work.

September 2020 during this month the carriage was used on 5 days of Vintage Services and the riding was definitely improved. However further use of the carriage will not take place until extensive mechanical work has been completed, the trustees are currently establishing the best method of carrying out the work, almost certainly using external contractors.

August 2020 saw the detailed examination completed in Haworth Yard using the Bahamas Locomotive Society (BLS) steam crane, we are extremely grateful to the BLS for the efforts with this exercise. Various findings have been reported which indicate further work is required but the Brake has been approved for the currently planned services.

July 2020 has seen the suspension work completed but the detailed examination of the carriage has been delayed as a result of the lifting gear being located on the wrong side of the bridge replacement work near Ingrow, its relocation will take place shortly after the bridge work is completed in early August.

June 2020 has seen the resumption of work and the arrival of newly manufactured securing tie bolts and their associated fittings, see some photos below. The carriage has been relocated to the Worth Valley’s carriage and wagon workshop for final assembly to take place and for a detailed examination of the carriage involving lifting the body from the chassis, which might not have taken place for over 80 years.

March 2020 saw some springs removed for testing and temporarily replaced with steel tube. Examples of the auxiliary coil and leaf springs can be seen below along with an example of the securing tie bolts. Just before the Coronavirus lockdown, new coil spring manufacture was completed and some fitted, then work had to stop. However it was possible capture some photos as below.

January 2020 it’s been established that the auxiliary coil springs in the secondary suspension have insufficient strength so 16 replacements are now on order thanks to a very good response to a fundraising request, and there is also sufficient funding to cover replacement of the 16 securing tie bars and fittings. Copies of the original L&YR general arrangement drawings of the bogies were obtained in 2019 via the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Society and it’s been found that the full specification for the replacement springs was detailed on the drawings. The material used over 100 years ago is now hard to obtain, so an alternative design has been established and approved by the Worth Valley’s Director of Engineering.

The photos below are supplied by the Trust’s team of of Jim Hindle, David and Daniel Winters as well as Trustee Peter Eastham and the Worth Valley’s Engineering Director, John Reddyhoff.
Click on any image to view large version and as a slideshow and

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L&YR Saloon 12 rescued

Updated September 2021
In 2018 we advised in ON TRUST that we had inspected Saloon 12 which had been owned by the late Dave Lewis, which was for sale by his widow.  We had decided that we could not take on the project but a few months later there was a threat of destruction, so it has been rescued and put in safe storage pending looking for some charity or society who can take it on for full restoration, although the Trust may take on the work.

Below is a photo of it in storage prior to being covered with a large waterproof cover.
September 2021 the chassis has now been prepared to provide a level base for storage of the body

February 2021 a chassis has been secured to provide a suitable level base during restoration, it is only 4-wheeled and may be in future be replaced with a more appropriate 6-wheeled chassis.

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March 2020 Steam Galas

The Worth Valley and East Lancashire railways held Steam Gala weekend events on 6th to 8th March, both of which were a success.

The Worth Valley Gala used only our Club Carriage 47 in one of the service trains – for operational reasons our 6-wheelers could not be used.
The East Lancashire Gala featured our loco 752 in the guise of 51456 on its first public service trains. Our Pug 19 has been temporarily relocated from the Ribble Steam Railway at Preston and was on static display in the guise of 51241.

Videos of the Galas can be found on our Video online web page, most of them from YouTube
Photos can be found on or Photos -stock in use web page, most of them from Flickr