New L&Y arrivals at East Lancashire Railway – updated July 2024

New L&Y arrivals at East Lancashire Railway

On 1st July 2024 the L&YR Radial Tank 1008 from the National Collection arrived from York under a loan agreement with the National Railway Museum. It is on public display in the Bury Transport Museum in Castlecroft yard.
It was moved by rail through York Station on the national network for loading to a road vehicle, there is a Youtube video of it being hauled through York Staion, to view click here (opens in new window)

Above shows unloading from road lorry at Castlecroft, below entering the Museum (photots copyright of John Sagar)

Another L&Y item has also arrived at Bury from the estate of the late Harvey Scowcroft, this , the chimney from Saddletank 11305 has been found to be in excellent condition. It is not clear to what use it will be put (if any) as all the existing preserved L&Y locos using the same chimney were fitted with new replacements as part of a bulk order a few years ago.
Since the arrival of 1008 it has been observed that the existing chimney is in poor condition so Harvey’s chimney may be used as a replacement.