Video 2020 – click here to view

Our 6-wheeler 1507 in use on ‘Elf Express’ (Santa) trains

5th December launch day from Steaming Around Yorkshire – click here

Worth Valley’s services relaunched from 23rd August 2020

The last use of Bogie Brake 1474 on September 26th before moving to the ELR for repairs in this from Train boy 321, the last minute of 3 – click here

17 minutes from Pennysteam (Ken Baker) featuring our 3 carriages at various points – click here

The Southerner 7 minutes featuring our compartment carriages – click here

Chris King Heritage Railway’s 9 minutes featuring our carriages – click here

Our loco 752 running public services on East Lancs Railway 15th/16th August

A video taken from a drone with sound on 16th from LMS Videos – click here

East Lancs Railway Spring Gala with 752 as 51456 and 19 as 51241 6th to 8th March
preservedrailway 51456 and 51241 8 minutes – click here
Phil Clarke 51456 at various points 33 minutes – click here
David Cattell 51456 at various points 12 minutes – click here
Dave’s Transport Videos 51456 at various points 15 minutes – click here

ELR Footplate Experience days 16th and 17th March, none found for passenger stock working on 16th but short one of 3 minutes found for goods stock working on 17th from Richard Harnetty – click here

Worth Valley Spring Gala 6th to 8th March, featuring our Club Carriage:

JamesandPeter at Keighley and south of Haworth 15 minutes on 6/3 – click here

Chris King Heritage Railway’s at various points 16 minutes on 6/3 –click here

Steaming Wales at various points 9 minutes on 6/3 – click here

bobnweaver most at start of video 11 minutes believe on 6/3 – click here

44668Rail at various points on 8/3 – click here

mollsmyre at various points during weekend 16 minutes – click here

Bluebell-Railway Hawks at various during weekend 26 minutes – click here

3P20 Photo Charter with 752 as 51456 on East Lancs Railway on 26/02/2020

SAYFILMPRODUCTIONS 4 minutes – click here
Stuart Chapman 6 minutes – click here

preservedrailway 9 minutes and 11 minutes – click here and click here

atlanticstu 19 minutes – click here

752 as 51456 departing Ramsbottom with the members special on 22/02/20 – click here

752 as 51456 taking a Saloon to Heywood on 30/01/20 by preservedrailway – click here

Two videos of 752 double heading with Hunslet 2890 on 25/01/20 – click here and click here

A short video of 752 (51456) on test by John Norris on 23/01/20 – click here