News Update June 2022 – revised 19th June

There are some further updates to the newsletter which was recently included with ON TRUST and a further update on 12th June.

Firstly, the possible working of 19 with 2 carriages for Trust members has now been postponed until a later date in 2022, which will be circulated in due course.

Carriage 1474 arrived back at the Worth Valley Railway on 6th June and was used with our other 3 carriages with the Ironclad 957/52044 which operated the Vintage Trains on Sunday 19th June. Alternatives to 52044 are Taff Vale 85 and L&NWR Coal Tank 1054 on the trains running on Sundays up 17th July 2022.
The 19th was the first time that our 4 carriages have run behind an L&YR loco, more details can be found on the Worth Valley website here (loco and carriages subject to availability)

Now to the East Lancashire Railway celebration of the centenary of the 1922 merger of the L&Y and L&NW Railways, was on 18th and 19th June, the highlights were —
Locos – Pug 19, Saddletank 752, L&Y ‘A’ class 52322 running as L&YR 1300, L&NWR ‘Coal Tank’ 1054.

On Saturday 18th Pug 19 ran a Bury-Ramsbottom return at 1342 from Bury, repeated at 1620 from Bury, these will be the first passenger services ever operated by Pug 19

On Sunday 19th Pug 19 ran double-head with 752 on a Bury-Heywood return trip at 0950 from Bury with 752 continuing from Bury to Rawtenstall

Throughout the weekend, when Pug 19 was not on public trains, it was operating demonstration freights and shunting around Bury Bolton Street and Castlecroft Yard with a selection of freight vehicles in L&YR and L&NWR liveries

On Saturday 18th June LNWR Coal Tank 1054 operated its first passenger service since completion of overhaul, departing Bury for Ramsbottom at 1210