Issue No. 40 – Spring 2023

Pug Visit to Bluebell Railway
KWVR Spring Gala
752 News  Pug Visit to G-WR
Aspinall/Ivatt Connection
Fings Aint Wot They Used to be (Heywood)  
Seen it all Before Ian G Holt  
Memories of Lockwood. D.R.Smith   
L&YR Lookalikes (Locomotives)   
Pug Chimneys  Letter to the Editor (Pugs)

Front cover – Pug 19 as 11243 on a Bluebell train to East Grinstead
Rear cover – 752 as 51456 on test runs after motion work and
                        boiler tests at Bury

                        All photos from John Sagar