Unlike many organisations connected with railway preservation, COVID-19 has not had a significant impact on the Trust, the main impact being the loss of income from our sales stall at Oxenhope. 

Firstly, our Bogie Brake Third carriage 1474 based at the Worth Valley has been examined for potential more extensive use.  It was found that significant repairs to the bogies and body side bearers were necessary.  Currently carriages with individual compartments like 1474 are in demand to satisfy COVID-19 social distancing requirements, a situation which may last into 2021.  Unfortunately the Worth Valley carriage workshops do not have the facilities to carry out the work, so we have arranged for the work to be carried out commercially by the East Lancashire Railway at their Bury workshops, and the work is now in progress.

Secondly, following very encouraging results of Non Destructive Testing of the boiler of Pug Saddletank 19 the trustees have decided to progress the restoration of the loco to steam under a contract at the East Lancashire Railway. There was a trial steaming of 19 over 50 years ago after which it was decided that it would become a static exhibit, but recent evaluation and testing shows that the overall condition was better than thought. 


Bogie Brake 1474 – the expected total repair project is likely to be at least £10,000 plus £4000 for road transport to Bury and back to the Worth Valley.

Pug Saddletank 19 – there are 2 major stages, first boiler repairs, of which the total is expected to be up to £10,000 and the mechanical repairs including replacement of the saddletank and fitting new equipment such as vacuum braking are expected to be between £15,000 and £20,000.


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