Brake 1474 – work on suspension

Bogie Brake 1474 has been the subject of investigation and repairs to the bogie springing during 2019. This has prevented its use in service trains but the Worth Valley agreed that it could be used for a filming contract (see news item Filming for NETFLIX) along with our 6-wheelers. The main issue is that 1474 rolls quite a bit when in use, probably indicating that there is weakness in the suspension almost certainly due to its age.

The bogies suspension consists of primary and secondary (or auxiliary) components. The primary suspension comprises large coil springs located in the central bolster, the secondary being the leaf springs located over each axlebox together with a pair of auxiliary coil springs located at the outer end of each leaf spring.

Much of the investigation work has taken place with the active co-operation of the Worth Valley’s Director of Engineering, the Worth Valley having responsibility for the safety of the carriages when in use. Currently (November 2019) it is hoped that replacement of the 16 auxiliary coil springs will be the answer, it being believed that the leaf springs are satisfactory.

Copies of the original L&YR general arrangement drawings of the bogies were obtained earlier in 2019 via the Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Society and it is believed that more detailed drawings are held at the National Railway Museum. in the meantime a number of the auxiliary coil springs are to be removed for testing, being temporarily replaced with steel tube. Examples of the auxiliary coil and leaf springs can be seen below, these are supplied by the Trust’s team of of Jim Hindle, David and Daniel Winters as well as Trustee Peter Eastham.

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