Latest edition of ON TRUST published.  Saddletank 752 boiler likely to be moved to Bury shortly to join rest of loco under restoration there. Worth Valley next Gala on 9/10/11 March 2018 may feature our carriagesLatest edition of ON TRUST published.  Saddletank 752 boiler likely to be moved to Bury shortly to join rest of loco under restoration there. Worth Valley next Gala on 9/10/11 March 2018 may feature our carriages

ERIC RAWCLIFFE - Oakworth Crematorium was full and overflowing for the funeral on 10th January.  The family had requested family flowers only with any donations in lieu to be made to our Trust, further donations can be made using our form.

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Trust is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales with Registration Number 1157071.  The Trustís origins are via registered charity 1002627, established by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Preservation Society that itself was formed in 1988 to replace the L&Y Saddletanks Fund, established in 1964.  All activities are now in the hands of the Trust, which owns a unique collection of steam locomotives and carriages previously owned by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway.  Find out more - click here.

The Trust is approved by the HM Revenue & Customs to reclaim Gift Aid, a valuable source of additional funding - if you are a UK taxpayer we can recover 25p for every pound donated. You can make a BIG difference to what you see pictured on this site, see how you can help further the aims of the Trust with practical or financial help - click here.

Locomotives and Carriages owned by the Trust - click on the image to find out more and their current status.

No. 68/51218 No. 19 No. 752 No. 47 No. 1474 No. 1507 No. 279

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Normally our carriages (Brake 1474, 6-wheeler 1507 and Club Carriage 47) are on public display in the Exhibition Shed on the WorthValley at Oxenhope, but this is not always possible due to operational requirements.

WORTH VALLEY's next use of our carriages following the popular Vintage Trains is yet to be advised. We understand that there will be a Spring Gala on March 9th, 10th and 11th, a special 50th anniversary event in June and Vintage Trains on Summer Sundays, keep an eye on this page for more details. There is a Worth Valley web page for Winter Steam Gala, click here

OUR LOCOMOTIVES - Pug 68/51218 is still awaiting restoration on the Worth Valley, Pug 19 continues on display at the Ribble Steam Railway in Preston, which leaves752 restoration - the boiler testing has been successful so far and following painting and finishing touches at McEwens is expected to be moved to Bury in the near future to be reunited with the chassis to enable significant progress. McEwens are also to supply a replacement wrapper for the smokebox which has been stored there. 752 itself is currently in the main works area of the ELR at Bury to assemble all the parts and work on 752 in covered space not available at Haworth. Current progress is evaluation of work involved in restoration and reassembly of the modified axleboxes with the metallic inserts, also using some 'dummy' bearings made from hardwood which you can see in photos on this site, use of these will permit movement of the chassis with outer wheelsets removed. Examination of the motion and cylinders indicated that they were in satisfactory condition. Repair of a small crack in the frame has now been completed, still outstanding is acquisition of replacement boiler cladding with outside contractors. Also in progress is the design of L&Y design adjustable spring hangars in place of those installed by the Coal Board.

Our main fundraising effort has now shifted to the 752 project.  Whilst there was some money held in reserve for the 752 restoration, further funding will be required before completion - to give an example of likely costs, the axlebox repair project currently under way may cost over £10,000 in total.  There will also be a number of fees and charges in connection with boiler testing, and the acquisition of other large items such as a replacement smokebox.  To make a donation - click here.

OUR CARRIAGES - First Class 6-wheeler 279 restoration has been completed and its first passengers were carried on a donors and members special on 21st June, with a launch ceremony faeturing a special guest, a lady who was actually born in 279 when it was part of a bungalow near Burnley.

Club Carriage 47 and Third Class 6-wheeler 1507 continue to be available for use with routine maintenance, Bogie Brake 1474 requires careful monitoring as restoration started over 40 years ago, repair work has been necessary this year with some end panelling and the L&Y design vacuum brake system

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