Latest ON TRUST published. 6-wheel first restored to service for a donors &members special after launch ceremony on 21st June. Hopefully all 4 of our carriages to be in use on the Worth Valley Vintage Trains on Sundays in summer, see below. Restoration still progressing on Saddletank 752 at Bury.6-wheel first restored to service for a donors &members special after launch ceremony on 21st June. Hopefully all 4 of our carriages to be in use on the Worth Valley Vintage Trains on Sundays in summer, see below. Restoration still progressing on Saddletank 752 at Bury.

Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Trust is a Charitable Incorporated Organisation, registered with the Charity Commission for England and Wales with Registration Number 1157071.  The Trust’s origins are via registered charity 1002627, established by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway Preservation Society that itself was formed in 1988 to replace the L&Y Saddletanks Fund, established in 1964.  All activities are now in the hands of the Trust, which owns a unique collection of steam locomotives and carriages previously owned by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway.  Find out more - click here.

The Trust is approved by the HM Revenue & Customs to reclaim Gift Aid, a valuable source of additional funding - if you are a UK taxpayer we can recover 25p for every pound donated. You can make a BIG difference to what you see pictured on this site, see how you can help further the aims of the Trust with practical or financial help - click here.

Locomotives and Carriages owned by the Trust - click on the image to find out more and their current status.

No. 68/51218 No. 19 No. 752 No. 47 No. 1474 No. 1507 No. 279

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Details of membership of Lancashire and Yorkshire Railway Trust can be found on the membership page - click here.

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Normally our carriages (Brake 1474, 6-wheeler 1507 and Club Carriage 47) are on public display in the Exhibition Shed on the WorthValley at Oxenhope, but this is not always possible due to operational requirements.

WORTH VALLEY's next use of our carriages will be their 5 Vintage Trains Sundays on June 25th, July 2nd and 23rd, August 6th and 20th, September 3rd.  We expect these to include newly-restored 1st Class 279 subject to satisfactory arrangements for First Class supplements being completed. Watch this page for more details when they become available or visit the Worth Valley web page- click here.  There will not be a Steam Gala in October this year.

752 restoration - the static steam test on the boiler was successful at the boiler works just before Xmas 2016, McEwens are going to shot blast and paint the boiler before it departs for Bury, and they will also supply a replacement wrapper for the smokebox which has been stored there.   752 itself is currently in the main works area of the ELR to assemble all the parts and work on 752 in covered space not available at Haworth.  Current progress is evaluation of work involved in restoration and reassembly of the modified axleboxes with the inserts which you can see on a photo below. Examination of the motion and cylinders indicated that they were in satisfactory condition.  Repair of a small crack in the frame has now been completed, still outstanding is acquisition of replacement boiler cladding with outside contractors. Also in progress is the manufacture for fitting L&Y design adjustable spring hangars in place of those installed by the Coal Board.

Our main fundraising effort has now shifted to the 752 project.  Whilst there was some money held in reserve for the 752 restoration, further funding will be required before completion - to give an example of likely costs, the axlebox repair project currently under way may cost over £10,000 in total.  There will also be a number of fees and charges in connection with boiler testing, and the acquisition of other large items such as a replacement smokebox.  To make a donation - click here.

First Class 6-wheeler 279 – restoration has now been completed and carried its first passengers on a donors and members special on 21st June, with a launch ceremony with a special guest, a lady who was actually born in 279 when it was part of a bungalow near Burnley.  Photos of the work carried out on and the launch of of 279 can be found here.  The photos include one of an L&Y train apparently used to transport the Prince of Wales at Preston in 1885, where the second carriage may well be 279.  We received a substantial bequest towards the restoration of 279. if you wish to donate towards the upkeep of 279  click here and state that your donation is for 279.

'The Golden Age of Steam Railways' is a BBC Four TV series regularly repeated on BBC and cable TV channels. This features early years of the Worth Valley including an interview with Richard Greenwood accompanying some of his films covering the purchase, restoration and operation of 51218 from the 1960's.  We are expecting this to be repeated, for information - click here 

'Testament of Youth' – this film was on general release in 2015 and featured all our carriages.. 
A BBC Films production of the First World War memoir of Vera Britain, there is coverage on the 
Worth Valley website, which can be found here. You will see some of our photos taken during the production in 2014 under the 'galleries' for each carriage - these could not be displayed at the time of filming in March 2014.

'Peaky Blinders' Club Carriage 47 and Bogie Brake 1474 were used for this BBC Two TV six-part drama first series about a Birmingham gang, shown in late 2013.   47 featured prominently as Winston Churchill's mobile office in the first and last episodes of that series.  Further information about repeat showings available from the BBC website - click here.  The first series can also be watched at small cost on Amazon Video

Below is a selection of recent photos, click on image for a larger version


WORTH VALLEY Vintage Trains June25th 2017 - Trevor Gower has posted 5 short movie clips on Flickr, click here  click here  click here  click here  click here

279 LAUNCH - Members and donors special June 21st, Peter Yewdall filmed a departure through from Keighley in 3 parts until Oxenhope straight, see them on Youtube click here,  click here,  click here.

WORTH VALLEY GALA March 2017 - videos on Youtube from TheDoodyman, 25 minutes with our carriages at start, also at 19 and 22 mins click here  Also steamonthe web, 7 minutes with carriages at a couple of points click here  and British Steam Footage, 3 minutes click here . Very good footage showing how the Crab nickname came about, 15 minutes from profatkwvr with our carriages at start and 5 minutes click here , but rest worth watching.   Even more from 82A Studios, 16 minutes, watch first half then right at end click here , keith platt, 8 minutes, watch first half click here, and Chris King Heritage Railway's, 11 minutes with our carriages at various points click here

AUTUMN STEAM SPECTACULAR 2016 - two videos on Youtube from Christopher King. click here features our carriages at 11mins 30, click here features them at 7mins 30

Vintage Trains 2016 - one video has been uploaded to Youtube from June 5, it is 21 minutes from DansRailVideos - click here

Now from July 3, just short of 5 minutes from SAYFILMPRODUCTIONS - click here

Thirteen years after filming, Mike Wilcock has published on YOUTUBE his video of a visit to the ELR in early 2003, this includes 752 in the yard at just after 1 minute and 1300 after 7 minutes, the other 30 minutes features a trip on the line, click here

Vintage Trains 2015 - Ken Baker as pennysteam has published a Youtube video in short and long versions, click here for 6 minute version,click here for 33 minute version

The Flying Choo Choo has published a 6 minute video  click here

Railway Children Weekend May 2015 – click here for a 10 minute Youtube video by mollsmyre

2015 Winter Gala - the number of Youtube videos available from Worth Valley Galas is getting larger by each event, here are a selection featuring our carriage 47 at various points:-

· allan5919, 3.5 minutes from Allan McKever   click here

· steamontheweb, 11 minutes featuring 47 from 8 minutes in  click here

It was inevitable that the 2014 Autumn Steam Gala  would be popular with photographers due to the good weather and appearance of West Country 34092.  A selection of Youtube video links can be found:

· steamdriver12, 14 minutes, best from 9 minutes onwards including after dark at Oakworth  click here

A video of 68/51218's 2003 charter trip at Goole Docks (as 51222) has been released on Youtube -  click here

There is a 21-minute video on Youtube by Ken Baker as pennysteam covering the last outing of 957 and 41241 with 1300 on 20th January 2013click here

Another YouTube feature features the Luxury Summer Saloons service on August 12 2012 by Stewart Lomax – 10 minutes featuring detail shots of Club Carriage 47 from 4 minutes in - click here

An archive of links to other Youtube videos can be found on our Downloads page