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 Welcome to our memorabilia page that features interesting artefacts that have been donated to the Trust.

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Please note, we have no records of L&Y personnel.  For such information as is available we suggest you try the L&Y Society or the NRM.


First Pug LYR No. 1153

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Comment:  The Pug pictured is the very first one built to Aspinall's design - image courtesy of John Storey of Goole whose grandfather worked for LYR.

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LYR Cap Badge

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Status:  In storage.

Comment:  Donated by Jim Ormiston of SRPS

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Richard Hornby

Photographs of Richard Hornby, a Blackpool based driver, who was normally rostered for the Club Train - image courtesy of Carol Howard, his great granddaughter.  The rostering of drivers to work particular trains was generally based around a series of groups of men known as ‘links’.

Richard Hornby would have been in the ‘Top Link’ as a result of his length of service with the L&Y with almost certainly a 100% unblemished record of timekeeping and reliability


Image left of three great-granddaughters of Richard Hornby (L-R: Carol, Pam and Vivien) visitors to 47 in December 2008

1507 and 279

Upper image – Marjorie Moran who was born in 279 (she's in the centre with her sisters on either side), another emotional reunion!  All pictured in 1507 during a visit to Oxenhope

Lower image - Mrs Enid Lister who once lived in 1507 - very emotional seeing it restored to running order.

Both families have visited in July 2013 and were very impressed with the progress on 279.

Here are two links to BBC TV features on Mrs Enid Lister and 1507, first an article, then a short video


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Club Carriage passes

Two 'passes' in the form of evidence that the holder is a member of the Travelling Club have become available to us.. These are for the Blackpool North to Manchester Travelling Club in LMS days but we believe that similar passes existed for members of the Blackpool Central Club for which 47 was constructed. The First Class version is embossed with gold leaf.

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L&Y coat of arms

The Bacup Branch bridge over Yorkshire Street in Rochdale near Wardleworth Station contained the L&Y crest shown in this photo from Richard Greenwood.  When the bridge was removed, the crest was acquired by the Rochdale Museum.

They arranged restoration by one of our supporters, Phil Mills, before display in the Croft Mill museum, but their current whereabouts are unknown – Richard is trying to establish the current location.

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