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Welcome to our In the Media page - Recent featuring links to online content associated with LYR Trust rolling stock, these are links to YouTube unless otherwise stated

WORTH VALLEY VINTAGE TRAINS 2018  Sunday 8th July, a 9-minute video from bobnweaver, featuring our carriages in first half with the 4F due to fire risk  click here.

WORTH VALLEY 50th ANNIVERSARY GALA Thursday 28th June - all our carriages were very popular on round trips between Oxenhope and Keighley with the Coal Tank.  There are 2 Youtube videos of note, first from British Railway Productions, starting at 9 minutes of 22  click here, the other from 'preservedrailway' starting at 18 and 28 minutes of 36  click here

WORTH VALLEY GALA Friday 9th March - our two 6-wheelers and Brake carriages were very popular on 'shuttle' trips from Keighley to Ingrow, then a non-stop trip to Oxenhope at end of day.  See page 'In the media - recent' for some Youtube videos and the photo galleries for some other images.

WORTH VALLEY ROYAL SPECIAL - our First Class carriage 279 featured in a special which took the Duchess of Cornwall from Haworth to Oxenhope in Friday 16 February - a short film from Trevor Gower can be found on Flickr - click here

WORTH VALLEY MARCH 2018 GALA - Youtube 15 minute video taken March 9th by ACW71000, our carriages at 12 minutes, click here

Youtube 12 minute video taken March 9th by steamdriver12, our carriages at 7 minutes at Haworth on last trip, click here

WORTH VALLEY Vintage Trains June25th 2017 - Trevor Gower has posted 5 short movie clips on Flickr, click here  click here  click here  click here  click here

279 LAUNCH - Members and donors special June 21st, Peter Yewdall filmed a departure through from Keighley in 3 parts until Oxenhope straight, see them on Youtube click here,  click here,  click here.

WORTH VALLEY GALA March 2017 - videos on Youtube from TheDoodyman, 25 minutes with our carriages at start, also at 19 and 22 mins click here  Also steamonthe web, 7 minutes with carriages at a couple of points click here  and British Steam Footage, 3 minutes click here . Very good footage showing how the Crab nickname came about, 15 minutes from profatkwvr with our carriages at start and 5 minutes click here , but rest worth watching.   Even more from 82A Studios, 16 minutes, watch first half then right at end click here , keith platt, 8 minutes, watch first half click here, and Chris King Heritage Railway's, 11 minutes with our carriages at various points click here

AUTUMN STEAM SPECTACULAR 2016 - two videos on Youtube from Christopher King. click here features our carriages at 11mins 30, click here features them at 7mins 30

Vintage Trains 2016 - one video has been uploaded to Youtube from June 5, it is 21 minutes from DansRailVideos - click here

Now from July 3, just short of 5 minutes from SAYFILMPRODUCTIONS - click here

Thirteen years after filming, Mike Wilcock has published on YOUTUBE his video of a visit to the ELR in early 2003, this includes 752 in the yard at just after 1 minute and 1300 after 7 minutes, the other 30 minutes features a trip on the line, click here

Vintage Trains 2015 - Ken Baker as pennysteam has published a Youtube video in short and long versions, click here for 6 minute version,click here for 33 minute version

The Flying Choo Choo has published a 6 minute video  click here

Railway Children Weekend May 2015  click here for a 10 minute Youtube video by mollsmyre

2015 Winter Gala - the number of Youtube videos available from Worth Valley Galas is getting larger by each event, here are a selection featuring our carriage 47 at various points:-

 allan5919, 3.5 minutes from Allan McKever   click here

 steamontheweb, 11 minutes featuring 47 from 8 minutes in  click here

It was inevitable that the 2014 Autumn Steam Gala  would be popular with photographers due to the good weather and appearance of West Country 34092.  A selection of Youtube video links can be found:

 steamdriver12, 14 minutes, best from 9 minutes onwards including after dark at Oakworth  click here

A video of 68/51218's 2003 charter trip at Goole Docks (as 51222) has been released on Youtube -  click here

There is a 21-minute video on Youtube by Ken Baker as pennysteam covering the last outing of 957 and 41241 with 1300 on 20th January 2013click here

Another YouTube feature features the Luxury Summer Saloons service on August 12 2012 by Stewart Lomax 10 minutes featuring detail shots of Club Carriage 47 from 4 minutes in - click here

An archive of links to other Youtube videos can be found on our In the Media - Archive page