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 957 at the KWVR Enthusiast Weekend February 2006:

 Download  (4.26Mb) - 1.09 min

  LYR Stock and Locomotives May 2006

 Download( 4.71Mb) 1:16 min

  Vintage Train August 2006 - Travel back in time and experience a bygone age when carriages were made of wood and engines were open to the elements.  Travel the Worth Valley on the Vintage Train in recently restored LYR carriage No.1507 hauled by 'Ironclad' No.957 - a museum on the move!

 Download (44.4Mb) 12:08 min


OnVideo 1 - Filmed in January 2007, learn about the history of the club coach with Eric Rawcliffe, and take a look at how restoration is progressing. 

 Download (32.0Mb) 13:58 min

  OnVideo 2 - Filmed in August 2008, view the latest restoration progress of Coach 47.  This hi-quality, widescreen format, doesn't really do justice to the work completed!.  Although restoration is progressing nicely, as you will see.

 Download (13.7Mb)  1:44 min

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OnVideo 3 - Filmed in August 2008, join us riding in carriage 1507 on the Vintage Train special filmed at KWVR. The video is available in two formats - a hi-quality widescreen version (recommended) and a low bandwidth alternative. 

 Dowload (97.6Mb)  12:24 min


Instructions for use:  Left click the podcast link to listen now or right click to download then select 'Save' or 'Save Target As' to save it to a file on your computer. Use your transfer software to download it to your iPod or MP3 player.  More coming soon!

OnAudio 1 (29.5Mb) 53:33 - Recorded in May 2006, take a in-depth behind the scene tour of the exhibition shed and workshop at Oxenhope, Haworth yard and the boilermakers.  The podcast features interviews with volunteers currently working on restoration projects and gives you access to areas not open to the public.  This is one of the first, if not the first, podcast for a Railway Trust in the UK! 

Can't wait for the full podast?
OnAudio 1 - Part 1 (3.82Mb - 8:21) : Introduction and Directors Saloon
OnAudio 1 - Part 2 (2.46Mb - 5:22) : Exhibition Shed (1507)
OnAudio 1 - Part 3 (3.74Mb - 8:11) : Workshop (279)
OnAudio 1 - Part 4 (7.68Mb - 16:47) : Workshop (47)
OnAudio 1 - Part 5 (1.58Mb - 3:28) : Workshop (1474)
OnAudio 1 - Part 6 (3.85Mb - 8:25) : Haworth Yard (68 and 957)
OnAudio 1 - Part 7 (6.61Mb - 14:27) : Boilermakers (752)
    OnAudio 2 - Six Wheeler Soundbite.  For those who may never have noticed the track noise of a six wheeler, click here.  Recorded on Vintage Train, August 2008 approaching Ingrow.

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NEW >> OnAudio 3 - Latest update on the restoration projects recorded 20 November 2009, featuring audio on 1474, 47 and 752, click here.


Instructions for use:  Right click on either the 1024x768 or 800x600 version of the wallpaper you wish to download then select 'Set as Wallpaper'. More coming soon!

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